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Consumer Proposal From Oshawa Debt Relief Specialist

York Credit Services is your credit solutions provider for debt relief, debt management and debt consolidation among other services. The path to financial freedom is a long and difficult one, especially when your accounts are suffering from crippling debt. Finding an ideal solution that will create the path of least resistance towards achieving your financial goals is exactly what we have to offer. Our team of professionals has a lot of experience in handling various debt scenarios and we can help you develop a suitable plan.

We have a variety of debt relief solutions for individuals caught up in debt including debt management plans, debt consolidation, and credit counseling and consumer proposal. Debt management plans help you to organize the payment of your outstanding debt through our management systems conveniently. Debt consolidation is all about getting refinancing to pay out all your creditors to remain with one personal loan repayment. Our Whitby credit counseling provides you a chance to interact with credit professionals who can inform you of the various debt relief options, budgeting and planning your finances and making the best financial decisions.

Consumer proposal is a great solution to debt problems. Consumer proposal is a legal process through which you can propose a debt settlement agreement and present it to your creditors. We will work with you to come up with a suitable proposal, which gives you full charge over your finances. We aim to support you in creating a repayment plan for your debtors that can lead to substantial savings. The consumer proposal solution is ideal if you have a reliable monthly income that you can rely on to make the required payments. Having an income is already a step in the right direction; it shows there is hope for financial restitution.

Consumer proposal can keep you out of the reins of bankruptcy

Consumer proposal can keep you out of the reins of bankruptcy, which is often considered a much more harsh solution. However, it cannot be completely counted out because there are scenarios when it is the best way out. Consumer proposal will help you make single affordable monthly payments for at least five years. These monthly payments will be distributed among the creditors until the debt is over. The best part about the consumer proposal process is that all interests are frozen once the creditors agree to the proposed debt repayment.

With a good proposal sent forward, you can enjoy immediate debt relief. Before we settle on a consumer proposal, we will compare all the possible debt relief options. Ajax debt consolidation is much similar to the consumer proposal means of repaying your debt however, it depends on your level of debt. Bankruptcy on the other hand is usually considered as a last resort.

In order for your consumer proposal to be legal, it should be filed by a licensed Insolvency Trustee such as York Credit Services. We are licensed and certified with the relevant authorities in the industry. You cannot file a consumer proposal with any kind of agency that is not licensed.

Our credit counselors will meet with you as often as you need to explain the various processes involved and everything you need to know about your consumer proposal. Sitting with a qualified Pickering debt relief specialist is a crucial part of the consumer proposal process. Once you meet the obligatory sessions with the credit counselor, you will receive a certificate of full performance as well.

Consumer proposal aims to help you out of your financial situation with as little damage to your credit as possible unlike bankruptcy, which leaves a mark that lasts a little longer. Once you have started the consumer proposal plan it is advisable to sit with our credit counselor to create a monthly budget. This budget should outline your luxury spending limits, spending for necessities, living costs, savings and consumer proposal payments. Recovering from debt is a process that requires a lot of individual discipline and this is why working with a budget could go a long way to change your situation.

Taking the step to York Credit Services is one in the right direction. If you commit to the process, you will be out of the woods in no time.

“We are committed to reducing your debt and getting you back on the right financial track.”