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Richmond Hill Credit Counseling Process

York Credit Services is a licensed credit service provider in Richmond Hill. We provide a variety of financial and credit services to individuals and businesses as well. We are a team of financial experts with a lot of experience and knowledge in handling matters of credit counseling and debt relief. If you are having a hard time managing your finances, paying your debts and creating a budget that you can stick to, you should consider credit counseling.

Richmond Hill credit counseling is an informative process that aims to empower individuals to make sound financial decisions and to improve their financial status. With the current state of economy, it comes as no surprise that many adults are finding themselves in tough positions financially. With so many payments to make at the end of the month it is quite possible to fall back on a few or have barely enough money left for any other activities after clearing your bills.

Credit counseling is a part of any financial debt management program. As a Richmond Hill debt relief specialist, we have come to understand that it is important not only to eliminate the debt but also to inform the individual in order to avoid getting into future debt. Measures such as debt management programs or Richmond Hill debt consolidation can only work when one understands their personal responsibility in the process. And these include doing things like changing your spending habits, avoiding spending on credit and so on.

The credit counseling process

If you have decided to get onto credit counseling, you will need to prepare some information that you would need to provide during your first meeting with a credit counselor, in order to make the most of the counseling session. This is basically most of your financial information for at least the past 6 months to a year. The information that you should expect the credit counselor to ask for includes:

  • All your monthly income sources
  • All of your expenses including utilities clothing food and any other miscellaneous expenses
  • Any recent credit card statements
  • Any recent communication you’ve had with any kind of debt collector or the IRS
  • It also helps to have a list of questions that you would like to ask the counselor ready
  • You can also list down your specific financial goals

Once you have all this information at hand then the credit counseling process can kick off immediately you find a debt counselor. You can choose to have face-to-face consultation with our credit counselors or you can have an online session. We also take phone calls and are always available in case you want to call in.

What to expect from the credit counselor

During the credit counseling session our credit counselors will first like to determine your current financial situation, especially keeping mind your current expenses, debt and income. We also like to review your credit reports during this first consultation. It gives a clear picture of your situation and allows them to give informative advice. After discussing your financial documents and the questions you may have for the counselor, they will advise you on the financial goals of the process, which normally include improving your credit, getting out of debt, saving for emergencies, funding your retirement and even buying a home or a new car. At York Credit Services, once we have laid down your financial goals we’re committed to ensuring that you achieve this goals by providing you with all the information and tools necessary to meet the requirements of the process. One of the ways you can do this is by developing a budget and an action plan.

Creating a plan

Our knowledgeable credit counselors will work together with you to create a budget and an action plan that will guide the entire process to achieving your financial goals. Depending on your level of debt, at this point you may discuss solutions such as filing for bankruptcy, consumer proposal, getting a debt consolidation loan or getting into a debt management plan.

One thing that is important in this entire process is you committing to do your best and allowing us to implement our recommendations accordingly. Once everybody is on board with the budget and action plan, we can start implementation.

Benefits of credit counseling with York Credit Services

Credit counseling has quite a number of benefits. Not only is the process informative and can equip you to pay off debt, credit counseling also helps you to maintain a good credit score. Good credit is essential to getting loans with good interest rates. Ultimately, the credit counseling process leads to better financial management because you really receive significant advice on budgeting and managing your financial stability; in the end you will learn how to manage your income and allocate your finances according to your attention needs.

“We are committed to reducing your debt and getting you back on the right financial track.”