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Improving Your Finances Through Credit Counseling

Do you have a hard time managing your finances? Do you often find yourself with more month at the end of the money? Are you falling back in your payments to your various creditors? If any of this applies to you then you are the ideal candidate for York Credit Services. We provide a variety of financial and credit solutions to individuals struggling with money management problems. Managing money is not easy for the average person when you have piles of bills to pay and creditors too. This can put you in tough financial situation when the debt starts getting out of hand.

In order to understand the root of the problem and to come up with a suitable solution you need to undergo the credit counseling process. Scarborough credit counseling is carried out by a licensed professional counselor. At York Credit Services we believe that financial information should be fully and widely available to everyone. And this is why we make our credit counseling process extremely exhaustive. This process is designed to empower and equip our clients with financial information that will help them reduce their debt and improve their financial situation altogether.

credit counseling session

During a credit counseling session you should expect the credit counselor to ask a load off private information about your finances. The counselor will need to know about your current income, spending habits, number of debts and any interaction that you ever had with debt collectors. You may need to back up this information by providing personal credit card statements and proof of income among other documents.

It is extremely important to be very open and honest through the credit counseling process. The information you provide will guide the counselor in giving you the most suitable options to solving your financial problems. The credit counselor may recommend anything from joining a debt management program, getting debt relief, creating a consumer proposal or applying for bankruptcy, which is usually the worst-case scenario. Giving accurate and updated information is important to the budget and action plan that will be created by the credit counselor after the counseling session.

Credit counseling process

A budget and action plan is crucial to the credit counseling process. Making bad financial decisions or falling into unfortunate financial situations is what led to having bad credit in the first place. A budget and action plan should be set in place as a guideline to avoid making the same mistakes in the future, helping you stick to the plan and also helping you achieve specific financial goals of the end of the process. Our credit counseling services are not only designed to help you reduce or eliminate debt but also to improve your financial status now and in the future.

Getting into a debt management program is ideal when you have various creditors, which makes it difficult to follow up on all your payments. At York Credit Services we will manage your debt by receiving one convenient monthly payment, which we will distribute to your various creditors. Depending on your financial situation, your debt management plan can be implemented through Scarborough debt consolidation or consumer proposal.

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Benefits of session

The credit counseling service can significantly help to improve or maintain your good credit score. As a Scarborough debt relief specialist, we know that having good credit is important if you ever expect to get any kind of financing from a lender. Your credit score is what informs the lender whether you are a credit risk or a good candidate for a loan. The credit counseling process will also give you valuable information that you would normally not know about creditors. Most of them are often willing to come to an understanding and develop customized payment plans with debtors who are unable to make their payments. You learn how to make repayment plans with your creditors and reduce your monthly payments interest rates and if you are lucky, penalties too.

If you are committed to the credit counseling process and complete all of your sessions your financial problems will be over in no time. The kind of advice that you’ll receive will help you in your journey to better financial management and financial stability. You can even start thinking of achieving greater financial goals like starting a new business or buying a new home.

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